Our Services

Oil Service

For a proper engine operation we must have a control over the oil and make filter and oil changes whenever the car needed. We should change the oil at least one time per year or according to the manufacture’s recommendations.


It is important for your vehicle to periodically check out the components that conform it, this guarantee a long service life, avoid unexpected breakdowns and above all let our customers drive safely.


Doing a preventive maintenance of the mechanical parts in our workshop allows us to extend the useful life of the vehicle and ensure the proper performance of all car's components. In addition, we carry out all kind of repair actions related to the general mechanics of the vehicle.

OBD Scanner

We rely with a "all brands" smart diagnosis tool to provide our customers the most complete and professional service of diagnosis.


We carry out diagnosis, maintenance and repair operations of the refrigeration circuit and electronic control equipment of the air conditioning system (AC), as well as carrying out gas filling.

ITV Inspection

We submit your vehicle to a complete inspection that will guarantee you to successfully pass the ITV inspection. We check all the vehicle components and verify that they are in perfect conditions. In addition, we provide ITV management by the workshop. Designed for those customers who above all value time and comfort.

Brakes & ABS

We carry out all kind of interventions on the vehicle's brake system, such as the replacement of brake fluid, brake pads and repairs in general. We also have a brake bench to perform braking tests.


We take care of the maintenance and repair of the vehicle's suspension and in this way keep it in perfect conditions. The suspension system is part of the active safety of your vehicle.


We have specific tools that allow us to diagnose, recharge or replace the battery of your vehicle in the most efficient way.

Timing Belt


It´s essential to take care of the clutch, the piece that convey power to the engine. Check the correct performance in our workshop.The clutch is one of the most frequently used components, hereby is exposed to a severe wastage.In front of any possible sign of failure( strange sounds, lack of gear, etc), do not hesitate that you can check the right performance in our workshop.

Electrical Repairs

The electrical components are essential for a proper performance of the modern vehicles.In MEP we diagnose, service and repair the different electrical systems that your car is fitted with.

Emissions Test

The EU determines the maximum levels of carbon monoxide concentration that a gasoline vehicle can emit into the atmosphere. This will be checked at each ITV inspection. To avoid any surprise, in our workshop we have the equipment to carry out CO measurements and correct them.

Wheel Balancing

A bad wheel balanced can lead to unwanted vibrations that make the road trip unpleasant. It will also induce to premature deterioration of the suspension system, bearings, steering tie rods and tires.